The City of Auburn will host the event next year on 
Saturday, November 11, 2017.

Mark your calendars!

Thank you to the more than 50 Washington Wing members who braved the weather to attend this morning's parade and recruitment activity in Auburn! 

KOMO livestreamed a video of the parade which you can now watch on their site, and currently Civil Air Patrol is the featured image that accompanies the video! Our appearance starts at 1:45:00.

Washington Civil Air Patrol members have marched in this parade since at least the 1970's (that I'm personally aware of), and it's an honor to be able to return each year to show our support for our veterans. Some of our members that once marched as Cadets have now returned to march with and mentor a new generation!


Extra special thanks to our event staff! We would not have had such a smooth and successful event today if it weren't for all of your hard work! 

Last but not least, thank you to our Wing Commander, Colonel James P. Furlong, for being our distinguished passenger in the CAP pickup! 

See you all there next year!


Capt Jessica Jerwa, CAP
CAP Activity Commander for
Auburn Veteran's Day Parade
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary