Commander, Arlington Fly-In 2019



Application Deadline


 15 Mar 2019

Activity Location:  Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO) – 18204 59th Drive NE – Arlington, WA  98223


The Activity Commander is responsible for the on-site CAP participation during the annual Arlington Fly-In between 14 and 18 August 2019.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


·         Establishing contacts and working in concert with the AFI Director and Staff

·         Updating and submitting the detailed Operations Plan

·         Developing and managing billeting for all CAP participants

·         Assigning and developing a DFAC Staff

·         Integrating Flight Line Marshalling operations with AFI Leadership officials

·         Selecting a Cadet and Senior Member Staff

·         Developing a cost-effective Budget covering the overall CAP operations

·         Ensuring that Risk Management processes and procedures are completed in accordance with current CAP and WAWG policies and regulations

·         Ensuring an on-going Safety program is established and monitored in accordance with current CAP and WAWG policies and regulations

·         Submitting an Activity and After-Action Report to the WAWG Plans and Programs Section


The Activity Commander must be familiar with the following directives:

CAPR 1-4, CAPR 35-2, CAPM 39-1, CAPR 60-2, CAPR 62-2, CAPR 77-1, CAPR 173-1, CAPR 174-1

At the time you are assigned as commander you must:

        have completed Level II

        have completed Cadet Protection Training – Advanced.

        be safety education current

        possess enthusiasm for CAP


Additional Information:

This position is open to any CAP member who meets the qualifications above and is not limited to only members of any particular Unit.

To apply for this position:
Log in to the Washington Wing website and select “Apply for Staff or Command”.  Complete the on-line application no later than the deadline shown above.  You will be prompted to upload the following:

        A cover letter stating why you should be selected for this position

        A resume stating your experience and qualifications for this position.