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Ground Search and Rescue Academy

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How to get your 101 card:
How to get your 101 card

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In addition to your required gear, there are items which are prohibited or restricted from this activity. Please take note of the following: 


The following items are not permitted at this activity for Cadets:

a. Playing Cards – Standard or CCG’s such as Magic and Pokémon.

b. All fixed blade knives such as sheath knives, boot knives, butterfly knives, switch blades, double edged knives, “Rambo” style survival knives, knives with retracting sheaths, machetes and hatchets.

c. Offensive, sexually explicit, or pornographic materials of any type.

d. Gambling materials, i.e., Chips, dice, etc.

e. All tobacco products, e-cigarettes, vapor pens, alcohol, illegal drugs, marijuana in any form including infused items.

f. Cameras, computers, I-Pods, I-Pads, Video games, portable GPS devices, any other electronic devices, any other electronic games, or toys.

g. Expensive jewelry.

h. More than $40 in cash.

If you have accidentally brought any of these items, it is recommended that you leave them with your Parent, Guardian, or whoever provided transportation to the Academy. Once we have left the Visitors Center, if we find any of these items they will be confiscated, secured, and will be reported to your Unit Commander.


The following items are permitted for Cadets, with the following restrictions:

a. Knives. Cadets may have one folding blade knife or multi-tool with blades no longer than three and one-half inches (3 ½”) from pivot to tip.

b. Cell phones will be turned in and stored for the duration of the academy. They will be returned at the end of the activity to arrange transportation, and as the Activity Director may authorize.