Ground Search and Rescue Academy

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How to get your 101 card

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Ground Search and Rescue Academy – Staff

Academy Director (Incident Commander) - Maj Bryan Watson

(email to inquire about staff opportunities)

Safety Officer Lt Col Greg Hader
Lt Col Teresia Sayler

Public Information Officer Capt Jessica Jerwa
Operations Section Chief  Capt Daniel Boudreau
Planning Section Chief Maj Khoi Duong
Finance/Admin Section Chief Capt Jessica Jerwa
Logistics Section Chief Lt Col Teresia Sayler
Registrar Lt Col Greg Hader
Flight Training Officers to be determined
Cadet Commander
C/Capt Hunter Storm

Instructors    In addition to the above, instructors/staff include: 

Lt Col Laurie A Watson
Maj Benjamin Graham
Maj Jason Tartalone
Capt Janeen Graham
2d Lt Joel Studtmann