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Wing Publication      
Number Date Title OPR  
P1 1-Oct-17 Activity Management Guide CC  
P2 30-Jul-15 How to Prepare Decorations DP  
P3 15-Jun-17 Guide for Processing Awards, Promotions,
and Activity and Service Awards
P4 1-Feb-16 Inspection Process Guide IG  
P5 12-Dec-16 Additional Cadet Awards DP  
P6 25-Sep-17 Guide to the After Action Report DA  
P719-Jan-18Preparation of Formal Radio MessagesDC 
P820-Jan-18PD Course DirectorsPD 
P91-Feb-18   Cadet Scholarship GuidelinesCP 
P1028-Feb-18    2018 Wing Strategic PlanCC  
OI12-01 25-May-17 Wing Membership Board DP NHQ Approved
OI12-02 13-Jul-17 Wing Awards Review Board DP NHQ Approved
OI12-03 25-May-17 Wing Promotion Review Board DP NHQ Approved
OI14-01 25-May-17 Award Ceremonies DP NHQ Approved
OI15-07 5-Jan-17 Management and Use of Camp Robert L Boucher CC NHQ Approved
S39-1 1-Feb-17 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual DP NHQ Approved
S39-3 25-May-17 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates DP NHQ Approved
S66-1 17-Aug-17 Aircraft Maintenance LGM NHQ Approved
S77-1 9-Feb-17 Vehicle Operation LGT NHQ Approved
21-Feb-18Financial Procedures and AccountingFMNHQ Approved
S173-4 21-Sep-17 Fund Raising/Donations FM NHQ Approved
S190-1 14-Jun-17 CAP Public Affairs Program PA NHQ Approved
S210-1 13-Dec-16 Civil Air Patrol Historical Program HO NHQ Approved
S20-1    17-Feb-17 Organization of Civil Air Patrol  
S35-117-Feb-17 Assignment and Duty Status  
S35-519-Sep-17 CAP Officer and NCO Appointments  
S39-217-May-17 Civil Air Patrol Membership  
S50-1717-Nov-17 Senior Member Professional Development  
S52-16 6-Feb-13 Cadet Program Management    
S60-1 23-Jan-14 CAP Flight Management    
S62-113-Jul-13CAP Safety Responsibilities and Procedures
S62-219-Aug-15Mishap Reporting and Investigations
S60-3 23-Apr-14 Emergency Services Training & Operational Missions  
S160-2 27-Mar-13 Handling Of Cadet Medication    
S280-2 17-May-15 CAP Aerospace Education Mission    
OI 12-04 21-Sep-13 Monitoring Mandatory Training    
OI 13-02 16-May-16 Tdy/Mx Movement Of Aircraft    
OI 15-01 23-Feb-15 Aircraft Information File (AIF) Maintenance  
OI 15-02 Sep-17 Activity Management    
Other Resources      

Oct-17 Activity Operations Plan Worksheet CC  

Oct-17 WAWG Project Officer CheckList CC  
  Feb-17 2017 Wing Strategic Plan CC  
  Sep-17 CAP Biography Template PA  
  Jul-17 CAPF 27 Preparation Guide CC  
 Mar-18Letter for McChord AFB Thrift Store CC 
 Apr-18 Wing Organization Chart  DA  
 Apr-18 Wing Expanded Staff Organization Chart DA  
    Aerial Photography Resources DO  
Communications     (wawg.cap.gov account required)    
  Apr-17 Communications Plan DC  
  Apr-17 WAWG Call Sign Summary DC  
  Apr-17 WAWG VHF Channel Guide DC  
  Apr-17 HF Channel Guide for Micom 2 & 3 DC  
  Apr-17 WAWG Communications Resource List DC  
  Feb-17 National Net Schedule (160216) DC  
  Apr-17 Portable Repeater Job Aid DC  
  Jul-17 WAWG HF Net Script (160701) DC  
  Jul-17 WAWG VHF Net Script (160701) DC