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WAWG PublicationDateTitleOPR
P1May 15Activity Management GuideCC
P2Jul 15How to Prepare DecorationsDP
P3Feb 16Guide for Processing Awards, Promotions, and Activity and Service AwardsDP
P4Feb 16 Inspection Process GuideIG
P5 Dec 16 Additional Cadet AwardsDP
OI12-01Jul 15Wing Membership BoardDP
OI12-02Jan 14Wing Awards Review BoardDP
OI12-03Jan 14Wing Promotion Review BoardDP
OI13-01Feb 16PD Course DirectorsPD
OI13-02Oct 13Aircraft RelocationDO
OI14-01Mar 16Award CeremoniesDP
OI15-01Feb 15Aircraft Information File (AIF) MaintenanceDO
OI15-02Sep 16Activity ManagementCC
OI15-03May 15Cadet Activities ScholarshipsFM
OI15-04Jun 15Wing Staff Incentive ProgramFM
OI15-06Aug 15 Request For and Reimbursement of Official TravelFM
OI15-07Jan 17  Management and Use of Camp Robert L BoucherCC
Feb  17 Organization of Civil Air Patrol DP
S35-1Feb 17Assignment and Duty StatusDP
S35-5Sep 15CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and PromotionsDP
S39-1Feb 17Civil Air Patrol Uniform ManualDP
S39-2May 15Civil Air Patrol MembershipDP
S39-3Sep 14Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and CertificatesDP
S50-17Nov 15Senior Member Professional Development ProgramPD
S62-1Jul 13CAP Safety Responsibilities and ProceduresSE
S62-2Aug 15Mishap Reporting and InvestigationsSE
S77-1Feb 17Vehicle OperationLGT
S173-4Oct 16Fund Raising/DonationsFM
S190-1Jul 15CAP Public Affairs ProgramPA
S210-1 Dec 16Civil Air Patrol Historical Program  HO
Other Resources

Feb 172017 Wing Strategic PlanCC
 Sep 16 CAP Biography TemplatePA

Jul 15CAPF 27 Preparation GuideCC

Jan 17
Wing Organization Chart DA

Jan 17Wing Expanded Staff Organization ChartDA

Aug 15Financial Management ProceduresFM

Aerial Photography ResourcesDO
Communications( account required)

Apr 16Communications PlanDC

Apr 16WAWG Call Sign SummaryDC

Apr 16WAWG VHF Channel GuideDC

Apr 16
HF Channel Guide for Micom 2 & 3

Apr 16WAWG Communications Resource ListDC

Apr 16WAWG Communications StaffDC

Feb 16National Net Schedule (160216)DC

Apr 14Portable Repeater Job AidDC

Jul 16WAWG HF Net Script (160701)DC

Jul 16WAWG VHF Net Script (160701)DC