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Wing Publication
Number Date Title OPR  
P1 Jan-17 Activity Management Guide CC  
P2 Jul-17 How to Prepare Decorations DP  
P3 Jun-17 Guide for Processing Awards, Promotions, DP  
and Activity and Service Awards  
P4 Feb-17 Inspection Process Guide IG  
P5 Dec-17 Additional Cadet Awards DP  
P6 Sep-17 Guide to the After Action Report  
OI12-01 May-17 Wing Membership Board DP   Approved by NHQ
OI12-02 Jul-17 Wing Awards Review Board DP   Approved by NHQ
OI12-03 May-17 Wing Promotion Review Board DP   Approved by NHQ
OI13-01 Apr-17 PD Course Directors PD   Approved by NHQ
OI14-01 May-17 Award Ceremonies DP   Approved by NHQ
OI15-02 Sep-17 Activity Management CC  
OI15-03 May-17 Cadet Activities Scholarships FM  
OI15-04 Jun-17 Wing Staff Incentive Program FM   Approved by NHQ
OI15-06 Sep-17 Request For and Reimbursement of FM   Approved by NHQ
Official Travel  
OI15-07 Jan-17 Management and Use of Camp CC   Approved by NHQ
Robert L Boucher  
S20-1 Feb-17 Organization of Civil Air Patrol DP   Approved by NHQ
S35-1 Feb-17 Assignment and Duty Status DP   Approved by NHQ
S35-5 Sep-17 CAP Officer and NCO Appointments DP   Approved by NHQ
and Promotions  
S39-1 Feb-17 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual DP   Approved by NHQ
S39-2 May-17 Civil Air Patrol Membership DP   Approved by NHQ
S39-3 May-17 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, DP   Approved by NHQ
and Certificates  
S50-17 Nov-17 Senior Member Professional PD   Approved by NHQ
Development Program   Approved by NHQ
S66-1 Aug-17 CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management LGM   Approved by NHQ
S62-1 Jul-17 CAP Safety Responsibilities and  SE  
S62-2 Aug-17 Mishap Reporting and Investigations SE   Approved by NHQ
S77-1 Feb-17 Vehicle Operation LGT  
S173-4 Oct-17 Fund Raising/Donations FM  
S190-1 Jun-17 CAP Public Affairs Program PA   Approved by NHQ
S210-1 Dec-17 Civil Air Patrol Historical Program HO   Approved by NHQ
Template .ppt  Presentation   PA NHQ  
w/75th Anniversary of Cadet   
Program Emblem  
Template .doc  Business Card DA NHQ  
Instruction .doc  Email Signature PA NHQ  
Template .doc  Financial Management Procedure (OI) FM NHQ  
Template .doc  Financial Management Procedure  (Supplement) FM NHQ  
Template .doc  Letter - Business Style with Letterhead DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Letter - Business Style without Letterhead DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Letter - Memorandum Style w/Letterhead DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Letter - Memorandum Style w/o Letterhead DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Letter - Participation DA NHQ  
Instruction .doc  OI Template Instructions DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Operating Instruction Template DA NHQ  
Instruction .doc  Pamphlet Template Instructions DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Pamphlet Template DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Paper - Background Paper Template DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Paper - Bullet Paper Template DA NHQ  
Template .ppt  Paper - Point Paper Template DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Paper - Talking Paper Template DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Personnel Authorization (PA) Template DA NHQ  
Instruction .doc  Supplement Template Instructions DA NHQ  
Template .doc  Supplement Template DA NHQ  
Other Resources  
Feb-17 2017 Wing Strategic Plan CC  
Sep-17 CAP Biography Template PA  
Jul-17 CAPF 27 Preparation Guide CC  
Jul-17 Wing Organization Chart  DA  
Jul-17 Wing Expanded Staff Organization Chart DA  
Aug-17 Financial Management Procedures FM  
Aerial Photography Resources DO  
Communications ( account required)  
Apr-17 Communications Plan DC  
Apr-17 WAWG Call Sign Summary DC  
Apr-17 WAWG VHF Channel Guide DC  
Apr-17 HF Channel Guide for Micom 2 & 3 DC  
Apr-17 WAWG Communications Resource List DC  
Apr-17 WAWG Communications Staff DC  
Feb-17 National Net Schedule (160216) DC  
Apr-17 Portable Repeater Job Aid DC  
Jul-17 WAWG HF Net Script (160701) DC  
Jul-17 WAWG VHF Net Script (160701) DC  
S52-16 6-Feb-13 Cadet Program Management 
S60-1 23-Jan-14 CAP Flight Management 
S60-3 23-Apr-14 Emergency Services Training &
Operational Missions
S160-2 27-Mar-13 Handling Of Cadet Medication 
S280-2 17-May-15 CAP Aerospace Education Mission 
OI 12-04 21-Sep-13 Monitoring Mandatory Training 
OI 13-02 16-May-16 Tdy/Mx Movement Of Aircraft 
OI 15-01 23-Feb-15 Aircraft Information File (AIF)