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Managing Editor

SM Joshua DeWinter 


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Technical Advisor

C/Capt Tyler Bennett

What does the editorial staff do?

Submission Guidelines

ALL WAWG cadets/officers are encouraged to send in submissions.

Submissions following the guidelines are more likely to be published.

ARTICLE guidelines:

  • SINGLE spaces between sentences

  • Font: Times New Roman--12 point

  • Articles can be as short as 1-2 paragraphs. but no longer than 3 pages.

  • Must include author's name, grade, email address, and phone number.

If you have articles on Leadership, Uniforms, Aerospace or Emergency Services, send them on. Even if it's only a few paragraphs, it will be a valuable contribution.

If you would like to be a regular contributor to the publication, please let us know!

We would like to know if you have “made the news” in your neighborhood. Please feel free to submit links to news articles in a Document format so we have a place where it is being archived!

If the magazine is full or your submission is past the deadline, it will most likely be included in the next issue.

PHOTO guidelines:

Upload photos as demonstrated below. Use the highest resolution possible. Do not embed them in the article.

Photo Identification and Caption Instructions. Photos need CAPTIONS even if there are no people in them. Readers want to know what they're looking at. Photos with unidentified persons are less likely to be published.

At the end of your article, identify photographs as follows:



Photographer Name and Grade:

Names/Grades of Persons in Photo:

  • If you have a photo that is a good representation of some aspect of CAP, but you don't have an article, go ahead and send it and it may be used as a stock photo. Scenic photos as well as action photos! 

  • If you're able to capture people doing activities, more than just the "Grip & Grin" of award ceremonies, they make much more interesting copy. 

  • Eye-catching photos really are worth a thousand words!

SUBMISSION instructions:

Submit articles to: or use the submission form below.

Online Submission Form