Lt Col Keith J. Weber
Director of Administration & Personnel

Lt. Col. Keith Weber began his Civil Air Patrol membership as a cadet in 1964, with the Boise Schools Cadet Squadron in Boise, Idaho. The squadron was operated in much the same way as AFJROTC units are today. The program required a two-year commitment and classes were held every school day with a special “drill” once each month on a Saturday. Lt. Col. Weber spent three years in the Cadet Program in that squadron. Upon graduation from High School, his family was transferred to southern California. He transferred to the Norton AFB Composite Squadron #31 and was appointed Cadet Commander. While a member of that squadron, he developed a keen interest in the CAP Communications program, which eventually shaped a future career. After serving in the U.S. Army as a Unit Personnel Specialist, Lt. Col. Weber returned to the Norton squadron and was assigned duties in Administration and Personnel. That summer he volunteered to take on Administrative duties for the California Wing Cadet Summer Encampment, being held at Norton AFB. He soon became involved with the Cadet Program and was assigned duties with the Inland Empire Group #18 as the Group Cadet Programs Officer. This assignment led to participating in Wing-sponsored activities and Cadet Encampment assignments. Lt. Col. Weber has attended and participated in approximately 35 cadet encampments in California Wing. Lt. Col. Weber has commanded three squadrons and has been the Deputy Commander of two additional squadrons in California Wing. He also served as the Deputy Director for Cadet Programs and Wing Personnel Officer-Cadet Members in that wing. He is currently serving his second term as Squadron Commander for the Columbia Basin Composite Squadron in Ephrata. He is also the Administrative Officer and Personnel Officer for SE Group-Washington Wing. His Professional Development accomplishments include Cadet Programs-Master, Administration-Master, Personnel-Master, Communications-Technician and Information Technology-Technician, Professional Development-Technician, Public Affairs-Technician, and the Command Specialty Track-Technician.

PD Awards include Billy Michell, Benjamin O. Davis, Chuck Yeager, Grover Loening, Paul E. Garber, and most recently the Gill Robb Wilson Award. He attended the Pacific Region Staff College in May 2017, and the CAP National Staff College in April 2018. He will be serving on the Cascade Falcon Cadet Summer Encampment Staff in July 2018, as the Director of Administration. Lt. Col. Weber is retired from the Grant County Sheriff’s Department where he was employed as a Records Technician Analyst. He was formerly employed by the Palm Springs Police Department and the California Highway Patrol in their Communications Divisions and by Verizon Communications as a Database Systems Analyst in Operator Services.

(Current as of 08-Jun-18)