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2019-2020 AFA CyberPatriot XII competition


Maj. Bill Blatchley, CAP-NHQ Cadet Cyber Programs Specialist, holds bi-weekly CyberPatriot Coaches online Meetings for CAP Teams. Email him your contact information to receive all latest news and announcements, as well as to join these online meetings.

AFA CyberPatriot promotional video

   Why you should learn about cybersecurity?
  • Everyone who owns a computer or a smart device is at risk against cyberattacks
  • Learn about cyberthreats and how they can directly or indirectly impact you
  • Learn to identify your systems’ vulnerabilities which open doors to cybercriminals
  • Learn to protect your computers against cyberattacks
   How to learn about cybersecurity?
   What do you need for a CAP  AFA CyberPatriot competition team?
    • A Senior Member to manage the team as a CyberPatriot Coach
    • At least one person with strong computer and system administration knowledge for CyberPatriot Mentors/Instructors
    • 2 to 6 cadets  
    • A Middle School level team will have 2 to 6 middle school student cadets
    • A High School level team will have 2 to 6 middle or high school student cadets
    • At least one computer with the proper technical specifications to run the AFA CyberPatriot materials 
       Another perk is that as you accumulate training hours and experience towards obtaining your Cyber Badge to wear on your Blues uniform. Come to the WAMA CyberSecurity week-end to learn about all that!