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Cyber Education Training

Upcoming Cyber Education training: in Google Workspace on Saturday 6 February 2021

The WAWG Cyber Education Team will be offering training sessions every first and third Saturdays of the month unless otherwise advertised. Updates will be posted here on the WAWG Cyber Education Training webpage.

Thank you to Western Washington University for supporting our Cyber Education programs by allowing us access to their Cyber Range in Poulsbo, WA to learn and practice in a safe and controlled environment.

On Saturday 6 February 2021 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Requirements to attend this training session:
  • 🛩️ STUDENT:
    • Be an active CAP cadet
    • Have a WAWG email to have access to our Google Suite/Workspace.
    • If you do not have a WAWG email address, use an alternative Gmail address to be able to access the Google Classroom.
    • Have another person, 13 years or older, available at home for emergency and cadet protection during the training.
    • Have parental or guardianship permission signed and submitted at registration (CAPF 60-80)

  • 🖥️ Recommended HARDWARE:
    • Have a computer for Google Meet classroom to receive instructions and documents.
Registration is free and additional information will be posted here on the WAWG Cyber Education Training webpage.
The registration deadline is Saturday 6 February at 09:00 am.
Link to Event Registration Google Form :

Google Meet invitations will be sent once registration is closed.

For any question or concern, please contact Maj Sylvie Kacmarcik (Supervising Officer for WAWG-CET)

Future training sessions:

 Dates Programs Topics Instructors
 6 February 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - Cryptography - pages 8-13 & 15
Activities 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.3 to finish
 Maj S. Kacmarcik
20 February 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - Cryptography - pages 13-14 & 43-44
Activities 1.5, 1.6, Unit Profile & Bonus Graphic USCYBERCOM, Bonus Activity MD5 Checksum (File Hash)
 6 March 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - 
 20 March 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - 
 3 April 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - 
 17 April 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - 
 1 May 2021 CET CAP AE Cyber Module - 
 15 May 2021 CET  
 5 June 2021 CET  
 19 June 2021 CET  
 Summer 2021 Green Darner II  AFA CyberCamp Standard and Advanced Levels, with guest speaker presentations CET team & guest speakers

Past training sessions:

 Dates Programs Topics Instructors
 16 January 2021 CET Linux CLI Practice on a custom virtual image with vulnerabilities to secure 1st Lt V. Ho
 9 January 2021 v-WAMA Cryptography: From Caesar Cipher to Enigma Machine
Special Guest: Mike Koss & his Enigma Machine
 Maj S. Kacmarcik & Mike Koss
 2 January 2021 CET cancelled ---
 19 December 2020 CET Beginner Linux - Ubuntu Command Line Interface - 3 C/Capt A. Kacmarcik
 5 December 2020 CET
 Beginner Linux - Ubuntu Command Line Interface - 2 C/Capt A. Kacmarcik
 21 November 2020 CET Beginner Linux - Ubuntu Command Line Interface - 1 C/Capt A. Kacmarcik
 14 November 2020 v-WAMA CAPP 60-41 Cyber & STEM Recognition Programs - Who, Why, When, What, and How Maj S. Kacmarcik
 7 November 2020 CET Review of Linux-Ubuntu CLI in preparation for the first competition round of AFA CyberPatriot XIII C/Capt A. Kacmarcik
 20-24 July 2020 Green Darner I AFA CyberCamp Standard and Advanced Levels, with guest speaker presentationsCET team & guest speakers
 15-19 June 2020 CyberCamp AFA Standard CyberCamp in self-study & preparations for Green Darner ICET team

Why you should learn about cybersecurity?
  • Everyone who owns a computer or a smart device is at risk against cyberattacks
  • Learn about cyberthreats and how they can directly or indirectly impact you
  • Learn to identify your systems’ vulnerabilities which open doors to cybercriminals
  • Learn to protect your computers against cyberattacks
   How to learn about cybersecurity?

In August 2018, the Cadet Cyber Badge and Cadet STEM Badge were introduced. These new recognition programs will motivate cadets to participate in activities like CyberPatriot, robotics, astronomy, meteorology, drones / UAVs, flight simulators, and more. Cadet Cyber and STEM Badges are authorized for wear on the CAP cadet uniform, effective 1 October 2018. See Cadet Cyber & STEM Recognition Programs CAPP 60-41 for more information (

CAPR 39-1, CAP Uniform Regulations, has been updated as of 5 March 2020 and authorizes the display of these badges on cadets' Blues uniforms.

   CISCO NetAcad Learn-A-Thon for all CAP members:
            • 15-hour self-paced Introduction to Cybersecurity course to complete by 9 October 2020.
            • Participating CAP members will be issued a Learn-a-Thon Experience badge.
            • Those who pass the introductory course will also be rewarded with a Cisco Intro to Cybersecurity digital badge.
            • Get bragging rights for your Wing! Get cool badges for your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts! 
COMPLETED - Thank you for those who participated !

2020 WAWG Summer Camps
Computer science & cybersecurity
including AFA CyberCamp programs

Dates: July 20 - 24th 2020
Location: ONLINE in WAWG - Google Classroom
Points of Contact:  Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik 
C/Maj Bradley Gorham 

COMPLETED - Thank you for the great camps !