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Cybersecurity Training Camps

2020 WAWG Summer Camp
Computer science & cybersecurity
including AFA CyberCamp programs

Dates: July 18th - 24th 2020
Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA (tentative)
Point of Contact: Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik
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Organize your own 2020 Summer AFA CyberCamps: 

Extract from email from Major Bill Blatchley, CAP-NHQ Cadet Cyber Programs Specialist:

"The Air Force Association has CyberCamps through the summer for groups to introduce students to cyber security concepts and prepare them for their first CyberPatriot competition. They have a basic camp as well as an advanced camp. The basic camp is for students and cadets who have no previous cyber security or CyberPatriot experience while the advanced camp is for students who have some experience and want to learn additional concepts.

The camp is designed around a four hour day with lecture material and hands on lab learning Monday through Thursday. Friday is a mini CyberPatriot competition designed to reinforce the material that was learned during the week.

This summer, CAPNHQ will sponsor (not host) three AFA CyberCamps. Squadrons are free to host one or more of these camps to introduce more cadets to cyber security and the CyberPatriot competition.

For 2020, NHQ will be sponsoring three weeks of camps:
  • Basic Camp: 15-19 June 2020
  • Basic Camp: 20-24 July 2020
  • Advanced Camp: 20-24 July 2020
The AFA CyberCamp fee for these three weeks is paid by NHQ directly. Host units will be responsible for obtaining computers and Internet connections to run the camp. In addition, the host unit will need to provide instructors to facilitate the training sessions contained in the material. Host units will be provided with electronic versions of the material and must print the workbooks for the cadets in attendance. Printing of the instructor's material is optional. The time of day when the host unit hosts the camp is up to them. It must be held Monday through Friday, however, on the days identified. Individual cadet registration is also the responsibility of the host unit.

If the hosting unit has any technical issues or questions, they MUST NOT contact the AFA. All questions relating to these CyberCamps must be routed through the CAP Cyber Programs Team via

Host units may register via

More information on the AFA CyberCamp program can be found at:"

Why you should learn about cybersecurity?
  • Everyone who owns a computer or a smart device is at risk against cyberattacks
  • Learn about cyberthreats and how they can directly or indirectly impact you
  • Learn to identify your systems’ vulnerabilities which open doors to cybercriminals
  • Learn to protect your computers against cyberattacks
   How to learn about cybersecurity?