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WA Wing Cadet Advisory Council

About CAC

Cadet Advisory Council representatives develop their leadership skills while advising their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the group, wing, region, or national echelon. “Leadership by committee” is often intended as a derogatory term, but in truth, committees and teams are responsible for running the modern world through project teams, corporate boards of directors, democratic bodies, nonprofit community groups, and more. The CAC is the cadet’s opportunity to influence senior CAP leaders, improve cadet life, and increase their leadership effectiveness.

The Washington Wing Cadet Advisory Council serves three primary purposes:

  1. Provides a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at the wing level.
  2. Aid the wing commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program.
  3. Make recommendations to the wing commander for improving and running the Cadet Program.
The Wing CAC meets at least once per quarter, but also work on projects, proposals and in smaller committees between meetings. 
The meetings are usually in-person, at the WAWG Spring and Fall Conferences, and via phone or video conference at other times.

Each group in WAWG is represented on the wing council, and also has a council of its own where squadrons are represented.

Northwest Group CAC  |  Southwest Group CAC  |  Eastern Group CAC

Suggest a Project or Proposal

If you have an idea that you'd like the Wing Cadet Advisory Council, either contact your group's representative, or send an email to with your research question or proposal.

Interested in Serving on CAC?

Wing CAC Ribbon

Cadet advisory councils in WA Wing need dedicated cadet leaders to share their expertise and advise their higher-echelon commanders.

New CAC terms begin every year on 1 October, at which time all previous CAC appointments end. 
Applications to serve on CAC are open from 
1 - 31 July every year.
Cadets wishing to keep their existing CAC role must re-apply and be re-appointed each year.

Cadets:                Apply for CAC!

Commanders:     CAC Appointment Process

Wing CAC Tools

Are you a new CAC Chair or Vice Chair and not sure where to start? 
Check out these resources for new CAC Chairs and Vice Chairs created by the PCR CAC.

Not sure what shoulder cord you should be wearing? Here is a table and guide to help out.

If you would like to contact the WAWG CAC, please send an email to

Completed Work

 2018 - 2019 Term

 Squadron Cadet Interest SurveySurvey for gauging interest in different facets of the cadet program. 1 Jan 2019
 2015 - 2016 Term

 How to Receive an Award MemoClarifying procedures for award ceremonies

 15 Jul 2016

Zachary Lam,
Aug 18, 2016, 12:58 AM