Apply for the Next CAC Term

How CAC Term-Change Applications Work

  1. Cadets use the application form above to apply for CAC roles for the next term.

  2. Commanders are sent applicants to choose from at the beginning of their selection window.

  3. To fill vacancies after the start of the term, 1 October, contact your commander.


In WAWG, we avoid allowing cadets to serve on two echelons of CAC simultaneously (a GCAC Chair should not be their group's WCAC Representative, etc.). 

Electing CAC Officers

CACs which hold elections to select the next term's officers (at the discretion of the echelon commander), should coordinate with their echelon's commander about handling applications and voting within the windows shown below.


 1   Jul Term-Change Applications for all CAC Positions Open Applicants

 31 Jul Term-Change Applications for all CAC Positions Close Applicants

 15 Aug Region CAC Representatives and Wing CAC Officers Selected WG/CC

 31 Aug Wing CAC Representatives and Group CAC Officers Selected GP/CCs

 15 Sep Group CAC Representatives Selected SQ/CCs

 1   Oct Beginning of New CAC Term CACs

Requirements for Cadet Applicants

  • Active Cadet Member.

  • Able to participate for complete 12 month term.

  • Cadets cannot serve more than 36 months at each CAC echelon.

Best Practices for Cadet Applicants

  • For competitive positions, prepare a resume and cover letter.

  • Aim High: There's no minimum grade requirement for GCAC and WCAC positions.