Making CAC Appointments


The WAWG CP team aims to make the CAC appointment process as easy as possible for commanders throughout the Wing. We run a centralized application process for all cadets applying for all CAC positions available in WAWG. Those applications are open from 1 Jul to 1 Aug each year.

Each echelon will have an appointment window, and the Wing CP team will send each commander a list of their candidates to select from at the beginning of that window. Appointments are made directly in eServices by the echelon listed below.


Unless there are no other options, avoid assigning cadets to serve on two levels (or in two positions) of CAC (i.e., a Group CAC Chair should not be a Wing CAC Representative.) The rolling appointment windows will help commanders avoid conflicts, because cadets will be removed from the candidate pool once they're selected.


Commanders can allow their CAC to elect the next year's CAC officers. Simply forward your CAC the list of candidates you receive from CP, and have them return their election results in time for you to enter the appointments.

Term Limits

Cadets can only serve a total of 36 months at any one echelon of CAC. It's pretty uncommon for cadets to serve this long at one echelon, and we capture previous service in the application process for you.


Appointments are made via the Cadet Duty Assignments module in eServices.

When adding your new CAC assignments, do not remove old CAC assignments. These will automatically be retired at the end of the term, so that cadets receive proper credit. The positions that each commander appoints are listed below.

Off-Season Applications

Some positions may still be open at the beginning of the CAC term, or some may come open during the CAC term. The application form is only intended for use during the annual term-change process. Outside of the 1 July - 31 July application window, commanders can still seek and hire applicants for vacant positions, but will have to do so directly themselves.

Commander's Prerogative

This process isn't meant to limit a commander's prerogative for appointing cadets to CAC. While we strongly encourage commanders to select cadets from the applicant list we send them inside the windows below, commanders have the authority to appoint any cadet they see fit to the positions below. Additionally, commanders have the authority to fill, vacate, or replace any of these assignments at any time. 

Wing Commander

Appointment Window: 1 - 15 Aug

Region CAC Representatives (must be cadet officers)

 Region CAC Representative from WAWG RCAC Representative
 Region CAC Assistant from WAWG RCAC Assistant

Wing CAC Officers

 WAWG CAC Chair WCAC Chair
 WAWG CAC Vice Chair WCAC Vice Chair
 WAWG CAC Recorder WCAC Recorder

Group Commanders

Appointment Window: 16 - 31 Aug

Wing CAC Representatives

 Wing CAC Representative from your Group WCAC Representative
 Wing CAC Assistant from your Group WCAC Assistant

Group CAC Officers

 Group CAC Chair GCAC Chair
 Group CAC Vice Chair GCAC Vice Chair
 Group CAC Recorder GCAC Recorder

Squadron Commanders

Appointment Window: 1 - 15 Sep

Group CAC Representatives

 Group CAC Representative from your Unit GCAC Representative
 Group CAC Assistant from your Unit GCAC Assistant