Cadet Major Hannah M. Kusman
Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council Chair

C/Maj Hannah Kusman is the Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council Chairman where she presides over the all Cadet Advisory Councils in the Pacific Region and represents over 3,000 cadets from 8 wings. Additionally, she serves as a National Cadet Advisory Council Representative where she works on national level projects. Prior to assuming her current position, C/Maj Kusman was the Cadet Commander for the Peninsula Composite Squadron. As the C/CC, she worked as the link between the senior members and the cadets to help develop, train, and mentor cadets within her unit. She oversaw all the cadets in her unit and planned out schedules and activities at the squadron level. EDUCATION 2012 Basic Encampment, Cascade Falcon XVII Encampment, WAWG 2016 Regional Cadet Leadership School, WAWG 2017 Cadet Officer School ASSIGNMENTS 1. Sep 2016 – Sep 2017 Cadet Commander, Peninsula Composite Squadron, Washington Wing 2. Dec 2017 – Sep 2018 Cadet Advisory Council Representative, Pacific Region 3. Oct 2018 – Present Cadet Advisory Council Representative, National 4. Oct 2018 – Present Cadet Advisory Council Chair, Pacific Region MAJOR AWARDS AND DECORATIONS Commander's Commendation Achievement Award with Bronze Clasp Amelia Earhart Award Encampment Ribbon with Silver Clasp EFFECTIVE DATE OF PROMOTION Cadet Staff Sergeant April 29, 2013 Cadet Second Lieutenant May 11, 2015 Cadet Captain December 24, 2017 Cadet Major September 24, 2018 (Current as of March 2019)