Senior Flight Officer Zachary C. Lam

Assistant Director of Administration

Assistant Director of Cadet Programs

Assistant Director of Professional Development

Assistant Personnel Officer

Assistant Public Affairs Officer

Assistant Safety Officer
Legal Officer Intern
Orientation Flight Coordinator

SFO Zachary Lam holds a variety of roles within Washington Wing Headquarters with his primary role being the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs. In the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs position, SFO Lam assists the Wing Director of Cadet Program in implementing the Cadet Program for the wing by overseeing activities that involve cadets, communicating with Squadron Deputy Commanders for Cadets, and evaluating & solving concerns within the wing relating to the Cadet Program. He also assists in ensuring Washington Wing's objectives and missions are met in all departments that he is assigned to.

Prior to assuming his current position, Senior Flight Officer strived to be the best dining facilities (DFAC) member he could be. To accomplish this, he went to the Washington Training Academy where he began his epic journey in DFAC and learned the culinary skills necessary to receive a master rating in DFAC. His career culminated when he served on the DFAC team as Cascade Falcon XVI where he helped cook over 125 pounds of bacon. His team's motto was to serve good food on time, every time. After savoring this experience, he progressed to the point where he instructed DFAC at the Washington Training Academy. SFO Lam now spends his days serving as DFAC at fly-ins and other activities.

Feb 2011, Basic DFAC
Aug 2011, Intermediate DFAC
Aug 2011, DFAC, Cascade Falcon XVI, Camp Murray, WA
Nov 2011, DFAC Instructor, Washington Training Academy, Camp Murray, WA
Aug 2016, DFAC, AOPA Fly-In, Bremerton, WA
Jun 2017, DFAC, Olympic Airshow, Olympia, WA
Aug 2017, DFAC, Cadet Officers Retreat, Puyallup, WA
Sept 2017, DFAC, Emergency Services Training Academy, Ephrata, WA
Apr 2018, DFAC, Washington Wing Spring Conference 2018, Wenatchee, WA
May 2018, DFAC, Training Leaders of Cadets, JBLM, WA
Jun 2018, DFAC, Olympic Airshow, Olympia, WA
Aug 2018, DFAC, Instructor's Course, WAMA, Ephrata  WA
Dec 2018, Part-Time Dishwasher, Winter Raptor III, Camp Rilea, OR

Contributing Most to the Success of the Squadron 2013
Contributing Most to the Success of the Squadron 2014
Contributing Most to the Success of the Squadron 2015


Flight Commander, October 2012

(Current as of 3 February 2019)