Senior Flight Officer Carson J. Lutterloh

Assistant Cadet Program Development Officer

Assistant CyberPatriot Coordinator

SFO Carson Lutterloh is an Assistant Cadet Programs Development Officer and Assistant CyberPatriot Coordinator in Washington Wing (WAWG). Prior to his most recent appointment as Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) Chairman, he served as Vice Chairman and Recorder for the Pacific Region CAC after completing a term of service as the Southwest Group Chairman in Washington Wing. He also served on the staff of the Pacific Region Cadet Leadership School, and in 2016, was the Cadet Commander of the WAWG Spring Conference, among participation in other activities.


Joining as a Cadet in March 2013, SFO Lutterloh was a member of the Mt. Rainier Composite Squadron in Puyallup, Washington. He graduated from Cascade Falcon XVIII in 2013 as a Cadet Senior Airman and advanced through the Cadet Program to earn the General Carl A. Spaatz Award (#2077) in December 2016. Some of the highlights of his time in Civil Air Patrol include graduating from Cadet Officer School and representing the United States as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange to Australia. While a hard-working college student in the field of computer science, SFO Lutterloh most recently interned with the US Department of Defense. He manages to consistently balance school with engagement in Civil Air Patrol activities and enjoys mentoring younger cadets.


2013 Cascade Falcon XVIII Basic Encampment, Graduate, North Fort Lewis, Washington

2015 Cadet Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Alabama


  1. Mar 2014 - Sept 2014, Cadet Flight Sergeant, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  2. Sept 2014 - Mar 2015, Cadet First Sergeant, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  3. Mar 2015 - Jun 2015, Cadet Deputy Commander, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  4. Mar 2015 - Jan 2016, Cadet Advisory Council Representative, Southwest Group, Washington Wing

  5. Jun 2015 - Mar 2016, Cadet Commander, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  6. April 2016, Cadet Commander, Washington Wing Spring Conference

  7. Aug 2016, Ambassador, International Air Cadet Exchange, Australia

  8. Mar 2016 - Aug 2016, Cadet Activities Officer, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  9. Mar 2016 - Aug 2016, Cadet IT Officer, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

  10. Nov 2015 - Oct 2016, Cadet Advisory Council Chair, Southwest Group, Washington Wing

  11. Nov 2015 - Oct 2016, Cadet Advisory Council, Representative, Washington Wing

  12. Dec 2016, Curriculum Director, Pacific Region Cadet Leadership School

  13. Mar 2016 - May 2017, Cadet Leadership Officer

  14. Oct 2016 - Sept 2017, Vice Chair, Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council

  15. Oct 2017 - Feb 2018, CAC Chair, Pacific Region Cadet Advisory Council

  16. Oct 2017 - Feb 2018, Representative, National Cadet Advisory Council


Nov 2015 Achievement Award

Dec 2016 Carl A. Spaatz Award (#2077)

Mar 2016, Achievement Award


Jan 2016 Air Force Association Squadron Cadet Officer Award

Jan 2016 Veterans of Foreign Wars Squadron Cadet Officer Award

Jan 2016 Contributing Most to the Success of the Squadron for 2015, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron

Jan 2016 Cadet of the Year, Mt Rainier Composite Squadron


Cadet Airman Basic Mar. 7, 2013

Cadet Airman Mar. 25, 2013

Cadet Airman First Class Jun. 3, 2013

Cadet Senior Airman Jul 29, 2013

Cadet Staff Sergeant Nov. 30, 2013

Cadet Technical Sergeant Jan. 25, 2014

Cadet Master Sergeant Mar. 24, 2014

Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Jun. 2, 2014

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Jul. 28, 2014

Cadet Second Lieutenant Jan. 12, 2015

Cadet First Lieutenant May 18, 2015

Cadet Captain Oct. 26, 2015

Cadet Major May 23, 2016

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nov. 7, 2016

Cadet Colonel Dec. 19, 2016

Senior Member Jun. 19, 2018

Senior Flight Officer Jun. 19, 2018

(Current as of September 2017)