Captain Jessica Jerwa
Chief of Staff

Capt. Jessica J. Jerwa is the Chief of Staff for Washington Wing Commander. She was formerly the lead of the Public Affairs department for the Washington Wing of Civil Air Patrol, Deputy Public Affairs Director for the Pacific Region and still holds the role of the Social Media Analyst for CAP's National Headquarters.

Capt. Jerwa was born in Longview, Washington. She began her career in the civilian workforce as a radio disc jockey and the public affairs director for four radio stations in the Longview/Kelso area at age 17, and has since spent time as an Executive Assistant to a college director, a Paralegal, a Federal IT Contractor, and now works as a SharePoint Administrator for a global software developer.

Capt. Jerwa has worn many hats at the unit level, having served as Public Affairs Officer, Cadet Activities Officer, Information Technologies Officer, Recruiting and Retention Officer, and Assistant Historian for Green River Composite Squadron in Auburn, Wash. She is now a member of the awards committee for Washington Wing, a member of CAP NHQ's Social Media Working Group, co-authored CAPP 152, "Official How-To Guide for CAP Units" and the upcoming rewrite to CAP branding regulation CAPR 900-2, and was named National Public Affairs Officer of the Year for 2015. Capt. Jerwa is also a volunteer with the City of Tukwila's Emergency Management Department and is serving a second term as the Vice-Chair of the Financial Oversight Committee for Tukwila's Public Safety Bond.


2013-02 Level 1 Orientation, CAP

2013-02 IS- 907, Active Shooter: What You Can Do, FEMA

2013-02 General Emergency Services, CAP

2013-04 Introduction to Followership, CAP

2013-10 Community Emergency Response Team, Tukwila Fire Dept., Tukwila, Wash.

2013-11 Introductory Communication User Training, CAP

2014-03 Technician Rating: Information Technology, CAP

2014-04 IS-100, Introduction to Incident Command System, FEMA

2014-04 IS-200, ICS For Single Resources and Initial Action Incident, FEMA

2014-04 IS-700, National Incident Management System, An Introduction, FEMA

2014-04 PER-304, Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery, FEMA/NDPTC

2014-07 Technician Rating: Cadet Programs, CAP

2014-08 Ground Team Member 2, CAP

2014-08 Urban Direction Finding Team, CAP

2014-08 Ranger 2nd Class, Pennsylvania Ranger Program, CAP

2014-09 Squadron Leadership School, CAP

2014-10 Citizens Police Academy, Tukwila Police Dept., Tukwila, Wash.

2015-01 Aviation Emergency Services Orientation Course, WSDOT

2015-01 IS-29, Public Information Officer Awareness, FEMA

2015-01 IS-42, Social Media in Emergency Management, FEMA

2015-01 IS-242, Effective Communication, FEMA

2015-02 Training Leaders of Cadets, CAP

2015-04 G-290 Basic Public Information Officers Course, FEMA

2015-04 Pacific Region Conference, CAP

2015-07 Technician Rating: Public Affairs Officer, CAP

2015-09 Mission Staff Assistant, CAP

2016-04 Washington Wing Conference, CAP

2016-07 IS-800, National Response Framework, an Introduction, FEMA

2016-08 G-291, Joint Information System/Center Planning for Public Information Officers, FEMA

2016-08 National Public Affairs Academy, CAP

2017-05 ICS-300, Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents, FEMA

2017-05 Qualification: Public Information Officer, CAP

2017-06 IS-702.a, National Incident Management System Public Information Systems, FEMA

2017-07 Unit Commanders Course, CAP


  1. February 2013 - March 2014, Historian, Green River Composite Squadron, Auburn, Wash.

  2. February 2013 - January 2015, Assistant Information Technologies Officer, GRCS, Auburn, Wash.

  3. February 2013 - March 2016, Cadet Activities Officer, Green Squadron, Auburn, Wash.

  1. March 2014 - March 2016, Unit Public Affairs Officer, GRCS, Auburn, Wash.

  1. September 2014 - August 2015, Recruiting & Retention Officer, GRCS, Auburn, Wash.

  2. September 2014 - March 2016, Assistant Historian, GRCS, Auburn, Wash.

  3. October 2014 - March 2016, Group Public Affairs Officer, West Central 099 Group, WAWG

  4. January 2015 - March 2016, Information Technologies Officer, GRCS, Auburn, Wash.

  5. April 2015 - January 2017, Interim Social Media Public Affairs Officer, PCR

  6. March 2015 - April 2018, Public Affairs Officer, WAWG

  7. August 2016 - present, Social Media Analyst, CAPNHQ

  8. January 2017 - April 2018, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, PCR

  9. April 2018 - present, Chief of Staff, WAWG


  1. February 2014, Public Affairs Officer, Media Coverage of CAP Congressional Gold Medal presentations at Olympia, Wash.

  2. June 2014, Asst Public Affairs Officer, Olympic Air Show 2014 at Olympia, Wash., WAWG

  3. July 2014, Admin/Public Affairs, Ground Search and Rescue Academy 2014, WAWG

  4. August 2014, Alpha Flight Training Officer, Cascade Falcon Encampment XIX, WAWG

  5. May 2015, Public Affairs Officer, Q13 Fox news coverage of Renton cadet, Renton, Wash.

  6. May 2015, Public Affairs Officer, Alaska Aviation Day, SeaTac, Wash.

  7. June 2015, Public Affairs Officer, Olympic Air Show 2015 at Olympia, Wash., WAWG

  8. June 2015, Public Affairs Officer, News Story regarding Cellular Forensics, King 5 News, Seattle

  9. July 2015, Public Information Officer, Bellingham “Veatch” Mission at Bellingham, Wash.

  10. July 2015, Public Information Officer, Interviews with CNN's Pamela Brown and Anderson Cooper, CNN

  11. July 2015, Public Information Officer, CNN Documentary of “Veatch” Mission at Bellingham, Wash.

  12. July 2015, Public Affairs Officer, “It’s Your Community” interview, Mixx 96.1 FM, Olympia, Wash.

  13. August 2015, Admin/Public Affairs, Ground Search and Rescue Academy 2015, WAWG

  14. August 2015, Delta Flight Training Officer, Cascade Falcon Encampment XX, WAWG

  15. November 2015, Officer in Charge, 50th Auburn Veteran's Day Parade, WAWG

  16. February 2016, WAWG Representative for National Command Council and CAP Legislative Day, Washington D.C.

  17. April 2016, Public Affairs/Social Media Instructor, Washington Wing Spring Conference, WAWG

  18. August 2016, Instructor at National Public Affairs Academy, CAPNHQ

  19. December 2016, Instructor at Pacific Region Cadet Leadership School, PCR

  20. April 2017, Instructor at Pacific Region Conference Public Affairs Workshop, PCR

  21. July 2017, Instructor at Unit Commanders Course, WAWG


  1. September 2014, Cadet Promotion Review Board, Green River Composite Squadron, Auburn, Wash.

  2. January 2015, Membership Committee, West Central 099 Group, WAWG

  3. January 2015, Senior Promotion Review Board, West Central 099 Group, WAWG

  4. January 2015, Award Review Board, West Central 099 Group, Washington Wing, WAWG

  5. July 2015, Working group to review/edit Social Media Guidelines, CAPNHQ

  6. August 2015, Award Review Board, WAWG

  7. August 2016, Working group to review National Public Affairs website, CAPNHQ

  8. 2018, Working group to rewrite CAPR 900-2 to CAPR 150-2


Encampment Ribbon, August 2014, bronze clasp August 2015

Community Service Ribbon, December 2014

Red Service Ribbon, January 2015

Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award, January 2015

Membership Ribbon, February 2013

Leadership Award, February 2013

CAP Achievement Award, July 2014

Commander’s Commendation Award, October 2014

Commander’s Commendation Award, bronze clasp, October 2015

Benjamin O. Davis Award, January 2016

Search 'Find' Ribbon, January 2017

Exceptional Service Award, April 2017

Commander’s Commendation Award, bronze clasp, April 2018

Commander’s Commendation Award, bronze clasp, April 2018

Winner of Military Appreciation Month photo contest, CAPNHQ, May 2015

Lt. Col. Al Pabon Best in Show Balsem Award for CGM media coverage, CAPNHQ, August 2015

Public Affairs Officer of the Year, WAWG, December 2015

Public Affairs Officer of the Year, PCR, April 2016

Public Affairs Officer of the Year, NHQ, May 2016

Balsem Award for external media coverage, CAPNHQ, August 2016

Award of Excellence for WAWG's Social Media Program, CAPNHQ, August 2016

Outstanding Wing Staff Officer of the Year, WAWG, March 2017

Balsem Award for social media, CAPNHQ, August 2017


2014 - present, Auburn Eagles Auxiliary, Member, Aerie #2298

2014 - present, City of Tukwila Fire Department Emergency Management Department, Volunteer

2015 - 2015, City of Tukwila Fire Department Steering Annexation Committee, Member for residents

2016 - present, Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition, Social Media Consultant

2016 - present, Air Force Association, Greater Seattle Chapter, VP Public Affairs/Board Member

2017 - present, Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing at Everett CC, Advisory Board Member

2017 - present, City of Tukwila Public Safety Bond Financial Oversight Committee, Member

2017 - present, Washington State Legislative Aviation Caucus, Webmaster

2017 - present, Air Force Association, Air Power Advocates, Member


Senior Member January 15, 2013

Second Lieutenant July 10, 2013

First Lieutenant July 8, 2014

Captain, January 8, 2016

(Current as of 16-Oct-18)