All members are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Learning Labs and Wednesday/Saturday meetingsThe more we coordinate, the better! *See etiquette below.

This week's Learning Lab...



Learning Labs and Staff Meetings

If you cannot join us in person, log on via the web for the most interactive and educational experience!

Commanders: Consider asking a unit member to attend in your place if you are not available!  

Wednesdays (weekly)

Many volunteers arrive by late afternoon.
Most volunteers take a dinner break at 1700.

1815-1830 - Learning Lab - Webinar & Call-In

We regularly host a 15-minute web-enabled training (or "Learning Lab") for all members at 1815 hrs, in advance of the regular 1830 call. - Submit your request for a topic hereSee links to past sessions here.

1830-1930 - Wing Staff Meeting - Webinar & Call-In

Call-in/webinar/meeting for Wing Staff, Group Commanders, and Squadron Commanders at 1830 hours.

Click here to add this recurring meeting to your calendar, which enables reminders, etc.


"Saturday Wing Staff Hours"  (bi-monthly) - 2019

16 February 
20 April 
15 June 
17 August
19 October 
7 December 

View this info and our Saturday meeting schedule on the Wing webpage: