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Updated 19 July 2018

2018 Mission Scanner School

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Mission Scanner school classroom and flight training. Primarily directed at (1) renewing proficiency of trained WA state / CAP SAR aircrew and mission base staff, and (2) training new CAP SAR aircrew, with a focus on those working toward WA state qualification.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, this training will NOT provide WSDOT qualification.

Classroom and flying registration priority will go to those who are training toward WA state SAR qualifications but will be open to non-SAR oriented members as space allows. Flight training priority will go to those who complete the classroom course and SAR-oriented members as space is limited, plus the weekend will include proficiency and requalification training for qualified or expired mission base staff.


Project Officers: Lt Col Bill Gibbs, Maj John Haug

Where / When


  • July 14-15, apx. 0800-1700
  • Location: Room 101, Boeing Field Terminal -- 7277 Perimeter Rd S, Seattle, WA 98108
    (brick building with concrete archway, enter the main atrium, first room on left in left side hallway)
  • Space limited to 24 applicants


  • August 11-12, apx. 0800-1800
  • Location: Mt. Rainier Squadron building, Pierce County Airport / Thun Field -- 16807 103rd Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98374
  • Space limits to be determined by aircraft/evaluator availability, likely 10



  • Complete WSDOT Orientation Course
  • Complete all sections on the Mission Scanner SQTR through Commander Approval for Prerequisites
  • Safety current according to eServices (Member Reports > Safety Education Participation)


  • Successfully complete the classroom portion of this school (pass the test)
  • Complete all sections on the Mission Scanner SQTR through Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training
  • Complete IS-100
  • Complete IS-700
  • Complete CAPT 117 Part 1 (on eServices Learning Management System)
  • Current on Aircraft Ground Handling
  • Current CAP ID card
  • Current and recent 101 card
  • Personal gear
    • Fire-resistant flight suit with appropriate footwear
    • Aviation headset
    • Gridded Seattle terminal or sectional aviation chart
    • A means to plot course and distance (e.g., plotter, pencil)
    • Appropriate checklists, forms and note paper

Agenda / References


The classroom portion of the school will cover an updated version of the CAP NESA Mission Scanner training material. If you successfully complete the class, you will have completed all tasks in the Familiarization and Preparatory Training section of the Mission Scanner SQTR. The class will consist of a combination of lecture with slides, short exercises, and a test.
  • Reference: Volume 1 - Mission Scanner Text on NESA website
  • Reference: Mission Scanner Task Guide - Dec 14 on NESA website


The practical portion of the school will cover all tasks in the Advanced Training and Exercise Participation sections of the Mission Scanner SQTR. If you successfully complete the flight training, you will have all evaluator-required elements of the SQTR complete for qualification.



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