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Historic Wing Activities

Wing Awards Book (1941-2012)

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The Washington Wing Awards Book and Historical Information 1941-2016 is available for review. This book contains detailed information about the history of Washington Wing as well as comprehensive lists of previous award winners within the wing.
This book is now available as a PDF download. For further information, please contact Lt Col Eleanor Baker or Lt Col Evelyn Lundstrom-Weiss.

WAWG Encampments

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Squadron Charter Dates

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The Historian Dept requests a photocopy or image of every WAWG unit charter - old and new. Send to
Charter Charter Charter
Unit Date Number Name
WA-000 46000  RESERVE Sq 
WA-001 26-Jun-79 46001  WASHINGTON WING HQ 
WA-002 January 1971 46002  GREEN RIVER Sq CAP 
NE WA-003    SPOKANE Sq 
WA-004 16-Jan-42 46004  WENATCHEE Sq 
WA-004 11-Dec-56 46004  WENATCHEE Sq 
WA-005 9-Nov-81 46005  TWIN W SENIOR Sq 
WA-007 20-Jun-80 46007  MT. RAINIER SENIOR Sq 
WA-011 16-Dec-48 none  Moses Lake Sq 
WA-015 29-Oct-82 46015  BELLINGHAM Sq 
WC WA-018    SEATTLE Sq 
WA-019 4-Jun-57 46019  Olympia Senior Sq 
WA-019 26-Jun-58 460xx  Olympia Sq (Senior) 
WA-019 undated none  Olympia Sq 
WA-039 12-Jan-73 46039  MCCHORD AFB Sq 
WA-044 1-Dec-41 WA044  YAKIMA Sq 
WA-046 31-Dec-59 WA046  SKAGIT COUNTY Sq 
NW WA-049   WA049  PAINE FIELD Sq 
WC WA-050   WA050  OVERLAKE Sq 
WA-051 23-Jul-81 46051  PENINSULA Sq 
WA-068 20-Oct-67 46068  BOTHELL Sq C.A.P. 
WC WA-069  11-Mar-80 46010  RENTON Comp Sq 
WA-070 May-90 46070  MT ST HELENS FLIGHT 
WA-070 Aug-89 46070  MT ST HELENS Sq 
WA-080 31-Jan-73 46080  FORT VANCOUVER Sq 
WA-082 5-Dec-73 46082  TRI-CITIES Sq 
WA-090 29-May-80 46090  BLUE MOUNTAIN Sq 
WA-091 can not find req repl  PORT ANGELES Sq 
WA-092 June 1992 46092  INTER-STATE Sq 
WA-093 March 1993 46093  ARLINGTON FLIGHT 
WA-100 12-May-05 WA100  Northern Desert Sq 
WA-110 27-Jan-06 WA110  Lewis County Sq 
WA-999 31-Jul-97 46999  WAWG LEGISLATIVE SQ 

National Quality Cadet Units 2011-2019

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 The Washington Wing Quality Cadet Unit Awards listings may be reviewed below.  Units that have been presented with these awards may display a streamer on their squadron guidon mast.  Streamers may be purchased through Vanguard.

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