Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I care if I have a Wing email address?

WAWG Chief of Staff, Captain Jessica Jerwa recently answered this question during a staff meeting. Please listen to the explanation here:

How do I sign up for a WAWG email address?

Signing up for a WAWG email address is easy, click here to access the IT Support Portal
  • Enter all information marked with asterisks and then select "NEW Email Request"
  • Click "Next", and when then click the "Submit" button.
  • A member of the Wing IT Staff will review the information in 24-48 hours, and contact you if there are any questions.
How do I get WAWG Email on my mobile phone or smart device?

Click here for instructions on setting up WAWG Email on your mobile or smart device.

Can I forward my WAWG email to my personal email?

Due to changes with our email provider, forwarding of emails outside of the WAWG domain is not currently possible.

I got an email saying that my personal email address will be removed from the WAWG Announce group, why is this happening?

Washington Wing is transitioning away from the use of personal email addresses to access our internal content as they add additional complication to manage. This complication is eased by the use of internal WAWG accounts to access content, and restrict access when necessary.

Isn't WAWG email just regular Gmail?

Many users are familiar with the Gmail interface, however Washington Wing utilizes the G Suite platform, a suite of business class services not included with the consumer grade Gmail. 

Can parents of cadets get a Wing email address?

WAWG email addresses are for members only, however parents of WAWG cadets can sign up to be on our parents email list by clicking here and selecting "PARENT Email List Sign Up" in the category.