G Suite

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G Suite

Washington Wing uses Google's G Suite to provide online services to wing members.

Go to my G Suite apps dashboard

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My Account

This is where you can customize your account profile and manage security settings.

Go to my WAWG account settings

How do I sign in to Google services with my WAWG account?

Reset my password

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Your @wawg.cap.gov e-mail is provided by Gmail.

Go to my e-mail online (Gmail.com)

Set up e-mail on my personal device

Set up your e-mail signature

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Search for any member with a WAWG account.

Go to the WAWG directory

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View your personal calendar and any others you add.

Go to my WAWG calendar

Install the Calendar mobile app

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Drive provides storage, editing, and sharing of word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and fillable forms.

Go to my Google Drive

Install the Drive mobile app

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Hangouts Chat provides instant messaging chat rooms and Groups provides web forums.

Start a Hangouts Chat instant messaging session

Read WAWG discussion groups

Install the Chat mobile app

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