IT Support Requests

Ensure we can contact you

Add your personal email as a secondary address in eServices. If your email address is the primary address in your eServices record, we cannot contact you if you cannot log in to your WAWG account. Update the "EMAIL" address field in your eServices contact information if needed.

Ensure the email address you enter in a help request matches your eServices record. Otherwise, we need to try to contact you to verify your identity.

Check your email after submitting a help request. Any responses to your request will go to the address you enter. Check Junk Mail or Spam if you don't see anything.

Be patient. :) Once we receive a help request, we take care of it as soon as we are able - generally within hours or the next few days if we are unavailable. One person handles account requests and one person handles all other requests.

Do I already have a WAWG e-mail (Google account)?

Probably! Accounts are created automatically based on eServices information. If you are a senior member who has completed Level 1 or a cadet who has completed Achievement 1, you have an account (within a few days of it showing in eServices).

When your account was created, you received email from Google with initial login information. It was sent to your primary "EMAIL" address field in eServices, but it expires after 48 hours. If you missed it, request a password reset below.

I need an account early

Request an account below. Login info will be sent to your eServices EMAIL address and will expire in 48 hours.

I need my password reset

Request a password reset below. Login info will be sent to your eServices EMAIL address and will expire in 48 hours.

I am a cadet parent and wish to receive WAWG emails

Request this below. Please enter your first and last name and your cadet's CAPID. The email address you submit in the request will be added to the cadet parent mailing list.

I have a different IT request

Request it below. Any responses will go to the email address you enter in the request.

IT Support Portal
(Note: this link will open a new browser window and leave the CAP.GOV domain.)