Smart Device Set Up

Users in the Google Apps domain can use their accounts in conjunction with their smartphones and tablets, but usually need to go through a few simple extra steps to make this work. This will make services such as email, drive, video chat, and many others work seamlessly with your mobile device!

Warning: Links on this page will take you to websites outside of this .GOV domain.

Android Users:
1. Add your WAWG account to your device (Instructions)
3. Set Up Google Apps Device Policy (Instructions)
4. Install the Android Apps which you would find useful. Google Drive, and Hangouts are recommended for most users.

iPhone Users:
1. Follow these Google Sync Instructions
2. Search for apps from Google in your device's App Store. Google Drive, and Hangouts are recommended for most users.

Windows Phone Users:
1. Follow these instructions.
2. Install the Windows Phone Apps which you would like to use. Google Drive is recommended for most users.

BlackBerry Users:
1. Follow these instructions.
2. Google Drive and several other services will need to be accessed from the mobile browser at