(Note: some links below will open a new browser window and leave the CAP.GOV domain.)


National IT has mandated that all CAP websites be migrated to a hosted solution managed by CAP. Please review the announcement. If you are creating a new website or wish to migrate your old one, follow the instructions on the IT site to request a new site and review the SiteViz documentation.


If you are still maintaining a Google Sites website through WAWG, see below for support information.

Best Practices

Please take note of the requirements for CAP websites in CAPR 120-1. Best practices and requirements from regulations are distilled in the steps below.

  1. After creating or migrating your website, test and verify the new site is ready. Enlist others to review the site for publication readiness. More eyes are good for catching errors.
  2. Set permissions
    • Add unit site editors
    • Add the WAWG IT and PA groups as editors if not already listed
    • Change default Draft edit permission to Anyone at WAWG with the link
    • Change default Published view permission to Anyone can view
  3. Check for links that take the user away from the .gov domain. Per CAPR 120-1 para 5.2.3, the user must be notified.
  4. Identify the site properly - see CAPR 120-1 para 5.3.
  5. Ensure advertising/recognition of outside groups complies with CAPR 120-1 para 6.9.
    • Technically, that statement need only appear if you recognize outside supporting groups. However, it’s not a bad idea to add to the site as a catch-all. Note the font size requirement.
  6. Ensure "personally identifiable information" does not exist on the site. See CAPR 1-2 (I).
  7. Verify hyperlinks work.
    • Change links to to the appropriate link on