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Welcome to the WAWG Logistics Page

Capt. Jessica Jerwa
Interim Logistics Officer


Capt. Jessica Jerwa
Interim Supply Officer


Wing HQ often has new and used uniform items. Looking for a specific size? Check out our online supply inventory and let us know if there's something you need! 


Are you located in Eastern Washington? We may be able to send your items with someone. Just let us know!

McChord Thrift Store at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

DO NOT spend the Wing's money or ask for free items!

There is NO unit member from any subordinate unit in Washington Wing that is authorized to spend any of the Wing’s allotted $125 per quarter

Authorized personnel are restricted to the Wing Commander, Chief of Staff, Director of Cadet Programs, and Wing Administrator. 

Per the thrift store’s request, anyone asking for free items will be asked for their unit name so Wing HQ can remind their group/unit commander of this requirement. Failure to comply will jeopardize our relationship with this valuable resource. 

DO shop and spend your own money on any of the items for sale at the thrift store. On Tuesday evenings, clearance uniforms are 1/2 off. 


Visit the link above to browse our centralized inventory online!

Shop at one of the local surplus stores. Members recommend The Foxhole and Quick Stop GI Surplus in Tillicum. 


Maj. Richard Kear
Transportation Officer


Are you a new vehicle driver? 
  • Scroll to the bottom of this screen to enroll in and complete our online training using Google Classroom!
  • Vehicles are to have their oil changed early in January and July.
  • Upload all vehicle Shell credit card receipts into ORMS under MAINTENANCE.
  • Upload Monthly CAPF 73 Vehicle Usage Reports in ORMS under DOCUMENTS. Due 4th day of each month.
  • Is your COV in need of paint or decals? Check CAPR 77-1, sections 3-4 & 3-5.

  • How old are your vehicle tires? National HQ recommends replacement at 5 years or when they show signs of wear/cracking. NHQ pays for COV tire replacement!

Coordinate with Maj Richard Kear if you need any major repairs or just have questions!

WAWG - Online Learning (Google Classroom)

To view a briefing:

  1. Go to
  2. On the Classes page, click Add  Add and then and then Join class.
  3. Enter the code j717e56 and click Join. 

    Once you have joined the class, you can simply return to to view other Wing training materials in the future.
To receive credit for viewing a briefing:
  1. View the Classwork tab in Google Classroom. 
  2. Find and view the relevant briefing materials. 
  3. Find and complete the relevant briefing confirmation form.

    You must complete all steps in order to receive credit for reviewing the briefing.