Glider Flying
Last updated 06-Dec-2016


Sign Up for Glider Orientation Flights
Your slot will be AUTOMATICALLY confirmed unless you hear from a member of the Glider Staff prior to your flight. Check your e-mail after 6 a.m. on the day of your flight for any cancellations due to weather.

Wing Runner Course - Online   (REQUIRED)

Schedule and Locations

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Staff and Pilots

We can't make this glider season work without the amazing dedication of our pilots and members willing to help as Safety Officers and Glider Line Staff. If you are able to sere in any of these positions, please sign up here.
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Arrive before 08:30 for the MANDATORY safety briefing each flying day.
The only exception is delays aboard CAP aircraft. 
Activity completion depends on weather and daylight available.

Tip: sign-up with some friends to carpool or send your unit's van.

Cost & Food

Glider Orientation Flights are free for all Cadets.

Cadets should bring a lunch, some snacks, and a water source.

There are no provided meals.


A soaring activity, to include the tow pilot, demands that comfortable, loose-fitting, nonrestrictive clothing be worn. Personnel will wear clothing that is appropriate for the conditions in which they are operating, identifies them as CAP members, and reflects CAP in a positive manner. A tee-shirt or polo, such as a CAP designed wing, unit or activity shirt with a pair of shorts/long pants and tennis shoes are sufficient. It is recommended that shorts be either khaki-type or dark blue and the long pants either khaki-type or medium gray.

Due to the greenhouse effect of the glider canopy, the use of sun screen and a full- brimmed hat (boony or bucket hat), that will also protect the ears and back of the neck, is highly encouraged; baseball-style caps may be worn, however, styles without buttons on the top are recommended. For numerous reasons, including space restrictions in most glider rudder pedal areas, the wearing of boots of any kind is prohibited.

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