Commander - Dungeness Composite Squadron


Application Deadline



1 DEC 2020

Meeting Location:  301 W. Hendrickson Road – Sequim, WA  98382      Tuesday 1800


Squadron commanders are responsible to the corporation and to the wing commander and group commander for ensuring that the corporation objectives, policies, and operational directives are effectively executed within their squadron. 

Responsibilities (See CAPR 30-1 for complete details)

        Establish plans, policies, and procedures necessary to the fulfillment of the CAP mission, which are not in conflict with the directives of higher headquarters.

        Keep informed of the accomplishments, problems, and degree of compliance with regulations and other directives through personal observations, inspections, reports, and staff meetings.

        Comply with all policies, regulations, and directives of higher headquarters and require the same compliance by all members of the squadron.

        Ensure safety of personnel and equipment through compliance with directives and policy guidance; ensure an effective safety awareness, education, and inspection program within the unit.

        Select personnel to fill authorized staff positions and remove from staff position those members deemed unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to continue in their positions.

        Establish policies and procedures to ensure an effective squadron recruiting and retention program.

        Coordinate the activities of staff officers to prevent overlapping of functions and to resolve conflicts.

At the time you are assigned as commander you must:

        have completed Level II

        have completed Cadet Protection Training – Advanced.

        be safety education current

        possess enthusiasm for CAP


Additional Information:


This position is open to any CAP member who meets the qualifications above and is not limited to only members of the Unit. 

To apply for this position:
Send the following documents to:  SUBJECT:  Position Application

              A cover letter stating why you should be selected for this position;

              A resume stating your experience and qualifications for this position.