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Commonly Used Personnel Forms

Commonly Used Personnel Forms (linked from NHQ)

1.  Below are CAP Forms available in Word/Excel 2000.  Documents with macros and/or online entry require Windows 95 or higher and Office/Word 95 or later.  For MS Word prior to version 9 (Office 2000) requires converter add-in.   Download Word Viewers and Converters Here.

2.  Also below are CAP Forms available in PDF.  Acrobat Reader is required to view these publications. 
Download Acrobat Reader Here.

3.  A pound-sign (#) denotes previous editions may be used.

4.  See "
Word Note" and "PDF Note"  for details on asterisk (*) and double asterisk (**) items.

5.  Unless specified below, forms are available only on-line.  A † symbol denotes form may be requisitioned in accordance with CAPR 5-4 on eServices, Material Orders.

 Form  Date  Title  Reference Word Note

PDF Note

 *F2  Nov 01 Request for Promotion Action E-mail address at National:  R35-5
 *F2A  Oct 08 Request for and Approval of Personnel Action E-mail address at National:  R35-1
 *F2B  Oct 72 Personnel Action Request-Termination of CAP Membership E-mail address at National:  R35-3
 F12  Sep 1

Application for Senior Membership in Civil Air Patrol
Mail Completed application package to: National Headquarters,  Civil Air  Patrol, ATTN: Membership Services, 105 South Hansell   Street,  Maxwell  AFB AL 36112-6332

 F12L  Oct 08  Application for Legislative Membership in Civil Air Patrol  R39-2
 F13  Nov 10 CAP Aerospace Education Membership Application  R39-2
 F15  Aug 1

Application for Cadet Membership in Civil Air Patrol 

 *F35  Feb 12 Chaplain Appointment  (Corrected Copy)  R265-1
    CAPF 35 Instructions  
 *F35A  Feb 12 Character Development Instructor Appointment  (Corrected Copy)  R265-1
    CAPF 35A Instructions (Corrected Copy)  
 *F45  Aug 09 † Senior Member Master Record  R50-17
 *F58  Dec 87 Nomination for Cadet of the Year  E-mail address at National:  R39-3
 *F60  Dec 03 Emergency Notification Data  R35-2
 F66  Oct 11 † Cadet Master Record 11 x 17  R52-16

May be requisitioned IAW CAPR 5-4 on eServices, CAP Materials  

 *F120  Dec 08 Recommendation for Decoration
E-mail address at National: