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Wing Recruiting and Retention Director


Until Filled

Meeting Location: 1155 Barnes Blvd. – Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA  98438


The Wing Recruiting and Retention Officer reports to the Wing Chief of Staff and formulates plans and establishes policies, procedures, and programs designed to assist CAP Commanders and Recruiting and Retention Officers at their groups and squadrons in attracting new members and retaining current members. They shall:


·         Plan and conduct periodic awareness activities to attract membership opportunities to local squadrons.

·         Make presentations to state-wide outside groups, both youth and adult, to attract new members and raise awareness of Civil Air Patrol, its membership, its missions, and capabilities.

·         Ensure squadrons have recruiting plans in place that are adequate and meet the goals and aims of their unit. Assist unit Recruiting and Retention Officers in creating recruiting and retention plans.

·         Serve as the content provider for wing web site content pertaining to joining Civil Air Patrol, contacting subordinate units, and any other applicable new member information.

·         Stage display booths and provide recruiting coverage at wing-level events, such as air shows, and other public events. Coordinate local efforts with wing or region assets (displays, aircraft, etc.) to ensure maximum coverage.

·         Monitor the prospective member process to ensure that prospective members are responded to by local squadrons in a timely fashion.

·         Provide squadrons with data and statistics pertaining to new member joins, retention rates and other key metrics.

·         Serve as subject matter expert to groups or squadrons Recruiting and Retention Officers on recruiting, techniques, training, or other matters.

·         Conduct periodic training for Recruiting and Retention Officers, to include Senior Professional Development Courses (Vol U, TLC, etc.) and wing conferences.

The Director of Recruiting and Retention should be familiar with all aspects of the Civil Air Patrol program, particularly the CAP Constitution and Bylaws, CAPR 30-1, and CAPR 39-2.


At the time you are assigned to this position you must

·         Have completed Level II

·         Have completed Cadet Protection Training – Basic Course

·         Be Safety Education Current

·         Possess an enthusiasm for CAP

·         Possess a high degree of organizational skills and be detail oriented

·         Be able to work well with others and have a Team Player attitude


This position is open to any CAP member who meets the qualifications above and is not limited to only members of the current Wing Staff.


To apply for this position:
Log in to: and select “Apply for Staff or Command Position”.  Complete the on-line application no later than the deadline shown above.  You will be prompted to upload the following:

              A cover letter stating why you should be selected for this position

              A resume stating your experience and qualifications for this position.