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Last Updated: 4 February, 2020  

If your unit is interested in hosting any Professional Development courses, contact
Washington Wing Professional Development Officer
Lt Col Ed Keeney

Interested in attending a PD class? Let me know if you are interested in hosting a class as the Director for an SLS, CLC or UCC class. MANY opportunities exist, not only at the Wing level but at Region and National, as well as specialized courses. 
Check out some possibilities:

Specialty Track advancement. Wondering what you need to achieve your next PD Level or how to advance in your Specialty Track? Contact me and let's see what we can do 

Here is the USAF Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC’s) 2020 reading list:

A reading list of five books for 2020, and all of them stress different aspects of leadership.

It is an eclectic listing of books going from Attila the Hun to Ernest Shackleton, and from the highest mountains of the world to the halls of power. The one constant is each deal with leadership and has lessons for readers.


•”The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,” By Dr. Wess Roberts;

•”Let the Word Go Forth,” By Theodore Sorenson;

•”Military leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence,” By Robert Taylor, William Rosenbach and Eric Rosenbach;

•”Moving Mountains: Lessons on Life and Leadership,” By Reinhold Messner; and,

•”Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer,” By Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell.




2020 National Safety Officer College (NSOC)

The new Safety Program publications are now in effect.  The upcoming National Safety Officer College will be the perfect opportunity to gain a full and detailed understanding of all the components of the new CAP Safety Program, Safety Management System, and commitment to risk management in all we do.

We are planning to use a "blended learning" approach using readings, online lessons and quizzes, discussions, projects, and webinars.  The course work is tentatively slated to begin in August 2020.  There will be much more information as the date grows closer.  Members from all over the country will be able to work together through the on-line portions.  We hope this method will be convenient and meet the training needs of more members.

NOTE:  In accordance with CAPR 160-1, the course will be a requirement for region and wing directors of safety.  It is also a requirement for those members pursuing their Master rating in the Safety Specialty Track.  We are challenging all leaders to take the course to gain a full understanding of the program and its expectations.


2020 Inspector General College (IGC)



        Wing SLS & CLC Classes are cancelled until further notice. 



National Headquarters has released CAP Form 24 in
PDF format ONLY!

Therefore, Professional Development Award Applications may be submitted electronically in PDF format when using the latest version of CAP Form 24.

The signature(s) on the CAPF 24 are to be e-signatures. 
Almost any format that identifies the signer is acceptable.

Here is an example:

//signed// John W. Doe, Major

Note:  In order to verify the signature, the e-Signer, e.g., the unit commander, MUST be sent from that person's e-mail address.

Any additional documentation for these actions may also be submitted electronically in a suitable format (such as .doc/.docx, .pdf, etc.)


Use this template/guideline for your WAWG biography page. Download guidance here. A Google Sites template is here.