Professional Development

 Professional Development Training Courses
Last Updated: 17 February 2017   


 Course Directors are needed to organize and conduct the following Professional Development courses on both east and west sides of the state.
Squadron Leadership Course (SLS) (East)
Corporate Learning Course (CLC) (East and West)
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Unit Commanders Course (UCC)
 Test courses are now underway for the new UCC. The courses will continue until the end of February. Evaluators will review the results of the test courses during March. At present the UCC is expected to be released sometime in April. Once the new courses released, we will review the changes, and try to have a course schedule as soon as possible.

If your unit is interested in hosting any Professional Development courses, please contact the  Wing Professional Development Office at  pd/  

Submission of PD Award Applications

National Headquarters has released CAP Form 24 in
PDF format ONLY!
Therefore, Professional Development Award Applications may be submitted electronically in PDF format when using the latest version of CAP Form 24.

The signature(s) on the CAPF 24 are to be e-signatures.  Almost any format that identifies the signer is acceptable.
Here is an example:
//signed// John W. Doe, Major
Note:  In order to verify the signature, the e-Signer, e.g., the unit commander, MUST be sent from that person's e-mail address.

Any additional documentation for these actions may also be submitted electronically in a suitable format (such as .doc/.docx, .pdf, etc.)