NCR RSC Announcement

North Central Region Staff College

27 Dec 2013-1 Jan 2014

 Region Staff College provides students with in- depth studies of management, leadership, communications skills, and shows how CAP's missions are discussions, case studies, and practical exercises are integral parts of the RSC program. This course is required for completion of Level IV.  CAP senior members who have completed Level III of CAP's Professional Development Program and who hold command or staff positions are eligible to attend the RSC.  The event will be held at Kansas Wing Headquarters in Salina, Kansas.

·      The cost for the RSC is $100. This fee covers course materials, snacks, group activities, an activity polo shirt, and one group dinner.

·   Billeting options include:

·   Stay free of charge in open bay barracks (bring your own bedding)

·   Pay $30 per night for lodging at Nickell Hall (private room)

·   Pay $15 per night at Nickell Hall for a shared room (you will need to find your own roommate)

·    Meal options include:

·   Eat on your own locally

·   Eat at Nickell Dining Hall (approximate cost per meal$5)

·    You will need to complete a CAFF17 to attend.  Classes begin on 27 December at 1300 hours. Classes will end on 1 January at 1300 hours.  Please send completed CAPF17s to Col Aye athe email address below.  Be sure to get your Wing Commander's Approval.

For more information, contact:


Col Regena Aye, Director

North Central Region Staff College



*Experienced staff members are also needed.  Please contact Col

Aye for more information about how to apply to serve on staff. Please

note, staff members will report on the 26th to prepare for student arrival on the 27th.