Corporate Learning Course

1 – 2 October 2016

Moody Aviation

6719 E Rutter Ave #68, Spokane, WA 99212

The Corporate Learning Course is part of the senior member professional development program, Level 3, outlined in CAPR 50-17.

PURPOSE:  The objective of the Corporate Learning Course (CLC) is to develop a knowledgeable corporate citizen who can contribute effectively to CAP missions in a team environment.

GOAL: The CLC will examine the wing/subordinate unit relationship, as well as our relationship to region and national organizations, and explain the CAP/USAF relationship. Armed with this knowledge, officers will understand how they and their respective units can best support the wing and fulfill the corporate role of CAP. The course provides interesting and useable materials for team building and team participation by the squadron volunteer.

PREREQUISITES:  CAP officers taking part in CLC should have completed Squadron Leadership School (SLS), and the CAP Officer Basic Course. Completion of Level II is recommended.

CLC is conducted in a classroom setting by instructors from various squadrons and the wing staff.  Class will start at 0800 sharp each day and break for lunch at noon.  Dismissal on Saturday will be in late afternoon (around 1700).  Graduation and dismissal on Sunday will be at approximately 1530. Students must download, and print, the course materials or Bring your computer. The web address for the material is


UNIFORM. Uniform will be USAF Blue, CAP Corporate, or CAP Polo Shirt/grey trousers. (Ref. CAPR 39-1 Uniforms) No BDU or flight uniforms are authorized. Uniforms will be pressed, and reflect a professional military appearance. Members not in proper uniform will not be admitted.

Travel and Lodging is “on-your-own”. Students are responsible for their own lunch. There are several restaurants nearby, or they can bring their own. A microwave is usually available. If you want break refreshments, please bring some to share with the class.  

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  Registration is presently open and is limited to 25 students. To enroll for CLC you must submit a CAP Form 17.  There is no fee for this class, but bringing snack food to share is encouraged.  You must have your form submitted by the deadline of 20 September 2016. You must also bring a completed CAPF 161 with you, which will be collected during the check-in process. This form will be returned to you at the end of the course on Sunday.

The CAPF 17 (Word format) is available for download from the NHQ website ( They should be e-signed by your unit commander and forwarded to the Spokane Squadron at


Forms may also be dropped off in person at the Spokane Composite Squadron Monday night meetings.

CLC is a great opportunity to meet, mix, and network with other CAP senior officers, in an enjoyable learning experience.  Come join us.



Course Director