SLS Announcement

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

20-21 June 2015

Bldg. 91, Camp Murray, Washington

Squadron Leadership School is a Professional Development (PD) course for adult CAP volunteers.  The SLS primary goal is to prepare officers to contribute at the squadron level. This course is a requirement for Level II in the Professional Development Program along with the Officer Basic Course. This course provides interesting and useable materials for the squadron officer.

PREREQUISITES:  CAP officers taking part in SLS must have completed Level I and have chosen a specialty track.

SLS is conducted in a classroom setting by instructors from various squadrons and the wing staff.   Class will start at 0800 sharp each day and break for lunch at noon.  Dismissal on Saturday will be in late afternoon (around 1700).  Graduation and dismissal on Sunday will be at approximately 1530.
Travel and Lodging is “on-your-own”. Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch.  Break refreshments will be provided at the class.
Students are required to download and PRINT student handouts (recommended), or may bring a computer containing the student handouts. Students without course materials may be refused admission to the course.

UNIFORMS: USAF style: blues; CAP Distinctive: White aviator shirt; or Blue CAP polo with gray trousers/slacks. Uniforms will be pressed and present a military appearance. No BDU's, fight suits, or utility uniforms are authorized.  

Advance registration is required.  Registration is presently open and is limited to 25 students. To enroll for SLS you must submit a CAP Form 17 with your check for $ 20.00 payable to CAP.  To register and secure your place in the class you must have your form and course fee submitted by the deadline of 6 June 2015. You must also bring a completed CAPF 161 with you, which will be collected during the check-in process. This form will be returned to you at the end of the course on Sunday.


 HQ Washington Wing – CAP,

                                      PO Box 4459,

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438-0459. 


Be sure to note on your check “For SLS”.  Forms and fee may also be dropped off in person at WAWG headquarters.

SLS is a great opportunity to meet, mix, and network with other CAP senior officers, in an enjoyable learning experience.  Come join us.


Course Director