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Recruitment & Retention

Download and print these templates to use at recruitment activities. 

 Stomp Rocket

  • Instructions for building your own kit will be posted soon!

 Paper Airplane


  • Make sure to print this to the page edge or the template will not line up properly. 


Check out the Washington Wing YouTube Channel for more locally-produced videos, as well as collected playlists like:

Aviation-related Activities for Civil Air Patrol Cadets

Play video on a loop at a recruitment booth or during an open house, etc.

Publicity for Weekly Meetings

Work with your Unit Public Affairs Officer to gain a list of local media contacts, or create your own database using the "Media Database" guidance on the WAWG/PA webpageNext, submit all open house, recruitment event, and weekly meeting info to any papers within a logical radius of your Unit! Most newspapers have an online calendar that allows you to create recurring meetings, and you can often set them out for a year or more in advance, too!    
  • Make creating these entries a part of year-end Recruitment tasks!